Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gary Zappelli Becomes a Certified Director !

Dear Gary Zappelli

Thank you for submitting the Animation@Work to Reallusion.
You have been certified as the title of Reallusion Certified Director.
And your video has been featured in Reallusion TV.

Best Regards,
Reallusion Certification Center
Reallusion Inc.

Zappelli Wins Best Creative Entry !!

Zappelli Wins Another !

Dear Gary Zappelli,

Congratulations to you for winning the "Best Creative" Award in Animation @ Work Competition.

We will provide process the prize delivery these days.

Thank you again for joining this competition.
We look forward to seeing you in the next event!

Best regards,

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Video Producer Gary Zappelli gets noticed !

As part of a world wide contest by Reallusion, the 3D and 2D animator software company, Gary Zappelli has his work displayed in a video commercial for a contest. Watch The Video Here ! 
Gary Zappelli

Contestants were asked to create animated videos as part of Reallusion's  "Animation@Work" contest. The submission entry deadline was May 5, 2014, but now Reallusion wants people to guess who the winner of the contest will be. Gary Zappelli had already won the "early brid" contest for entering his videos early. Zappelli scored a copy of  G2 PowerTools, this is software that is used with Crazy Talk Animator. The grand prize winners for the main contest Animation@Work will be announced before May 30, 2014. Gary Zappelli has 3 videos entered in the contest!! Stay tuned for the results !!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gary Zappelli Scores Another Win !

Zappelli Wins Early Bird Prize in Animation Contest

The global 3D software company Reallusion is in the middle of holding an animation contest this spring - Animation@Work. Contestants are asked to submit their best animation video in a number of categories for cash & prizes. They had an early bird prize offering to anyone who entered before April 1st. Gary Zappelli along with four others won that part of the contest.


The video that Zappelli entered featured a short parody of Reallusion's own software and one of the oldest bar jokes completely brought to life. 

Contestants have until May 5th to enter this contest and Gary Zappelli has three entries submitted. Stay tuned for the winner's announcement around May 30th. 


Dear all,
After three weeks, we've got dozens of cool submissions.
And congratulations to the following five winners who won the early bird prize. Each of you will get a free copy of the coming CrazyTalk Animator content pack – G2 Power Tools Vol.2.
Mike Fields
Harvey Poling
Richard Chai
Ray Charsley
Gary Zappelli
The game is not over. Submit your work before 5/5 to won a variety of award prizes!
Besides, just a notice for you that there are best video prizes for each category. So far we haven't got any submission to "Infographics" and "Animated Comic" categories, so you might consider to submit your work and compete in these two categories.
Prize information: http://www.reallusion.com/crazytalk/event/14-Animation_at_Work/Prizes.html
Bruce (RL)
Forum Moderator

Reallusion, Inc.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Zappelli Receives Recognition from View Bug.

Gary Zappelli recently received  recognition from View Bug !
Gary Zappelli was ranked in the top 20% most popular photographer in 2013

View Bug is a photography community featuring the work of thousands of talented photographers from around the world. Gary Zappelli has been a member for just about one year, some of his work can be seen here.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gary Zappelli wins another..

Gary Zappelli can add another contest title to his resume. Zappelli recently won "Best Website Design of 2013 " The web hosting company TMD sponsored the contest on their Facebook page back in December of 2013. The Grand Prize was an Apple iPad-Air. Participants were asked to submit a website they created and had hosted on TMD hosting.

Zappelli entered the website F.D.Hodge Interiors in the contest. TMD has done a nice piece about the event on their blog, you can read it here.

Gary Zappelli  is a Nationally  Recognized, Award Winning Video Producer of Animated Videos. in 2011 Zappelli entered two videos in the COREL 25-SECOND SPOOF FESTIVAL Contest and was awarded First and Second place in ? The People's Choice' category.  Among some of the prizes Awarded were an all  expenses paid trip to Hollywood - Sony Play Station 4 - Bose Home Theater Speakers - Sony HD video Camera.

Gary Zappelli's entry that won the first prize is here
Gary Zappelli's entry that won the second prize is here

 In 2012 Gary Zappelli entered Restaurant.com's Sweet & Saucy video contest and was awarded
Grand Prize of $1,000 for his Video Entry