Friday, February 1, 2013

My WOT Scam - Elaborate Scheme ?

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  • Web of Trust Since our reputations are determined by users, there's often nothing people who run websites that others don't trust can do about them. Sometimes they feel posting lies about us anonymously on the web helps their cause. You can read answers to the most common malicious rumors here:
  • Gary Zappelli I'm just curious as to why WOT is so quick to condemn a site but VERY slow to rectify the rating ? Your users gave my site a bad ratting back on 09/20/2012 , I answered to that ratting on 10/10/2012 as the owner of the site ( which I am ) and here it is 3 months later and nothing has changed. Your ratings are out-dated along with your screen-shots. This is not a rumor or a lie, how does WOT rectify this ?
  • Web of Trust The reputations change only when new ratings are received for a site. If you are referring to, the reputation appears to be green at the moment. Also, it looks like you didn't post a review request until today. People are not notified of scorecard comments, but they are notified when the site owner requests a review.
  • Gary Zappelli Well, now that I have your attention and a request has been sent I will wait to see what you do. Thanks.
  • Gary Zappelli People are not notified of scorecard comments, but they are notified when the site owner requests a review. ? 3 Days later and still no response, only defensive posturing form the Social Media end of your operation. Its it funny how you knew the site I was talking about without me ever mentioning it to you. Even funnier is that how I now have 4 thumbs downs. Maybe I should buy a badge from you- not. I will take my case to the people on Tv. If you need to check up on me with your Mafia Style tactics be sure to check out Zapp Tv. -Stay Tuned !!!
  • Web of Trust Gary, your website is clearly mentioned on your public Facebook profile, and its reputation is green at the moment. You may want to follow up on the forum thread you started though, it seems it's still blacklisted somewhere else:

    What comes to comment votes, they have no effect on the reputation, and neither do the comments you see on the scorecard. Reputations are computed from user ratings. You can learn more about the difference between ratings and comments here:

    Finally, WOT doesn't rate websites, our users do. When you post a review request, we notify the users who have commented on your site, but it's up to them to decide how they choose to rate your site. Buying a reputation badge has no effect on your site's reputation, it simply allows you to show your site's current reputation on the website itself.
  • Gary Zappelli Very defensive you are, you help prove my point in ways I could never imagine.

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