Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gary Zappelli wins another..

Gary Zappelli can add another contest title to his resume. Zappelli recently won "Best Website Design of 2013 " The web hosting company TMD sponsored the contest on their Facebook page back in December of 2013. The Grand Prize was an Apple iPad-Air. Participants were asked to submit a website they created and had hosted on TMD hosting.

Zappelli entered the website F.D.Hodge Interiors in the contest. TMD has done a nice piece about the event on their blog, you can read it here.

Gary Zappelli  is a Nationally  Recognized, Award Winning Video Producer of Animated Videos. in 2011 Zappelli entered two videos in the COREL 25-SECOND SPOOF FESTIVAL Contest and was awarded First and Second place in ? The People's Choice' category.  Among some of the prizes Awarded were an all  expenses paid trip to Hollywood - Sony Play Station 4 - Bose Home Theater Speakers - Sony HD video Camera.

Gary Zappelli's entry that won the first prize is here
Gary Zappelli's entry that won the second prize is here

 In 2012 Gary Zappelli entered's Sweet & Saucy video contest and was awarded
Grand Prize of $1,000 for his Video Entry

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